SEO audit

SEO has become a massive priority for marketers and online businesses in the recent past. You apparently require SEO to make your content more marketable and better ranked on popular search engines to drive more traffic and better sale-out to clients and the prolific online community. Being this popular, SEO incorporates some elements that it highly depends on to strengthen its effectiveness.

Long ago search engines used to rank content based on word staffing despite the quality of content, but over time, it has refined its algorithm calling for more requirements that favor quality, cohesion, and responsiveness of websites. Nowadays SEO is a bit more complicated than just including keywords without focusing on the quality of content. So for the contemporary SEO algorithm, these are the elements it requires.

Content Quality

Although search engines aren’t designed with high-end artificial intelligence of reading content like humans, they have the ability to establish content quality by using inbuilt plugins that have heightened intelligence to try and rate and decide if your content is worth recommending to the readers.

Online Marketing and SEO elements

Internal and Back-linking

It is probable that your content spans across other related content on the World Wide Web. If this is so, you should hyperlink some valuable phrases in your content to some of the famous and well-established websites that the phrases relate to. There are a lot of reputable authoritative sites that can prompt driving more traffic, for example, and other great sites. Back-linking to these sites helps a lot in optimizing your content.

General and guest blogging

In general, blogging assists in driving more traffic to your site. Nowadays people also involve themselves in guest blogging to try to reach more people. Guest blogging is the writing of blogs for another website and the back-linking some essential phrases to your website. Writing many blogs for different sites and hyperlinking them to your site ensures more redirections that enable more views for your


Keywords, as was there before, is also very crucial although the essence of their inclusion is what has changed over time. Nowadays search engines analyze the quality of content and the cohesion of how keywords are included in the titles, Meta and the document itself. The number of keywords is not quite an issue as it was before. Long ago search engines ranked according to how keywords are stuffed despite the meaning brought by the content itself. So it is essential to know how to integrate keywords into your content.